Sunday, December 26, 2004

The Radical Left as "Aliens"


The "Dwarfism " of the Left

I have had relations with individuals that have had not just a sense of not belonging but even feeling as though "alien" and drawn to alien imagry in art. This is a disturbing thing to encounter in a fellow human being and to understand.

I am also blogging on Radical Jews as they are Alienists par excellance. Alienism is hardly confined to Jews as the malcontents of Environmental causes and Animal rights causes are malcontents from all ethnic groups.


As David Horowitz' communist father wrote through a long trip through Colorado in the 1930's , "I have feelings...That I'm in a foreign land. And it strikes me that unless we learn the people of this country so touchily so we don't feel this way, we won't get anywhere. I'm afraid most of us aren't really "patriotic", I mean ­deeply fond of the country and people." ­­­

P.5, Jews and the Left , from The Critique of Culture, Kevin MacDonald

The above illustrates what one might expect from a member of an ethnic group that has been described as a "desert religion" (incl. Christianity and Islam ) born in a relatively barren Mideast.

With the added feature of no nation or homeland of their own and wandering throughout Europe for sanctuary one may be sympathetic.

The use of the word "us" by Davids father prompts the question, is there a "them". Yes there was and still is amoung the Militant Alienists and Leftists.

Having to "learn this new people " is yet another interesting comment. Why learn "the people" ( by this some would harshly critique ) , instead learn and appreciate the miracle which is U.S. Liberal Democracy, a free people, and a continent more bountiful than their origins.

These comments may be a glimpse into a form of "alienism" or even malignant narcissism or a sense of self that does not comprehend the immensity of a free continent and the Enlightenment principles upon which it is based. The conversation reveals a man dwarfed by much larger ideas and the West (Colorado). They are simply dwarfed by it all.

For the Radical Alien this is not a country or even continent they explored, tamed defended and made supremely successful or had any role in making come to pass.

This type of dwarfism or sense of something overwhelming may be the consequence of not comprehendingn or awed by the enormity of an Idea made possible by the Founders and Framers of the U.S. Constitution.

This I believe has been a constant complaint of the Radical Left. I also note that as Judge Bork intimated, those on the 60's Left were" uncomfortable in their own skin" and resented the affluence and overt bounty of the United States.

Taken to an extreme, and failing to assimilate and to "learn the people of this country so thoroughly", one can see how this sense of being alien could be redirected into a critique of this new culture.


Notes on Jewish Alienism:

EINSTEIN, ALBERT. 20th c. physicist.:

"Anti-Semitism is nothing but the antagonistic attitude produced in the non-Jew by the Jewish group. The Jewish group has thrived on oppression and on the antagonism it has forever met in the world. (Collier's Magazine, November 26, 1938)"

This begs several questions : would there be Jews if no anti-semitism existed.

This begs another question: To what degree do Jews cryptically or subconsiously engender
anti-semitism so as to fuel the preconditions needed for them to succeed

KLATZKIN, JACOB. 19th-20th c. Zionist leader in Germany.

" We are not hyphenated Jews; we are Jews with no provision, qualification or reservation. We are simply aliens, a foreign people in your midst, and we emphasize: we wish to stay that way. There is a wide gap between you and us, so wide that no bridge can be laid across. Your spirit is alien to us; your myths, legends, habits, customs, traditions and national heritage, your religious and national shrines, your Sundays and holidays... they are all alien to us. The history of your triumphs and defeats, your war songs and battle hymns, your heroes and their mighty deeds, your national ambitions and aspirations, they are all alien to us. The boundaries of your lands cannot restrict our movements, and your border clashes are not of our concern. Far over and above the frontiers and boundaries of your land stands our Jewish Unity ... therefore, no boundaries can restrain us in perusing our own Jewish policy. . . We can only live freely among peoples who have not yet reached their national maturity... Therefore, we'll lose our overseas colonies when America reaches that stage, and its people will come out of the 'melting pot' as a national unity. (Krisis und Entscheidung)"

-ORNITZ, SAM. 20th c. writer in America.

He seems to have bitterly hated the gauche, newly-rich Jews of New York in the early decades of the century. He coined a word for them: the Allrightniks. Repudiation of the Jewish religion does not alter the Jew...

-SAMUEL, MAURICE. 20th c. writer in America.


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