Sunday, July 03, 2005

Ford, Dawkins,MacDonald and Latitudarianism

I am fond of the new word "Meme" as proposed by a non-Jew, Richard
Dawkins, however later popularized by Howard Bloom
(a Jew) in the "Lucifer Principle" and the "Global Brain".

To me this Darwinian and thoroughly non-Jewish concept or schemata
of ideas working like human genes, however faster, explains cultural
evolution. It is also highly consistent with how our popular culture
has been formed by progenitors of ideas par excellence, the Jews.

Henry Ford rightly recognized this and termed it "Latitudarianism"
as in its worse case as a series or streams of ideas running through
gentile culture with the intent to subvert/invert traditional

Ford also proposed that until his writing circa 1920, that Jewish ideas led the predominant intellectual movements in world history.

It has also been said that Marxism is the background of the background in which "Cultural Criticism"takes place.

It was then left to Kevin MacDonald some 70 years later in
Critique of Culture to pickup where Ford left off in exposing Jewish
Intellectuals as the progenitors of structuralism, post
structuralism, deconstruction and multiculturalism from the
Frankfurt School. Some of these ideas serve to undermine
Enlightenment principles, universalism and Gentile World Order. Some
of these ideas are collectively what Ford would have
termed "Latitudarianism"

Meme theory can propose "Meme production". Memes are the units of
cultural production and with a direct influence on culture and its
transmission of values or in some instances, anti-values. Whether it
be movies, television programming, cable television programming,
major print media ( the NYT, LA Times, Boston Globe, Washington Post
or USA Today), magazines, journals, etc. the stamp of largely Jewish
ideas are propounded and pounded consistently and without remission.
The recent increase in book production, book deals and Book TV
attest to the human need for culture which is about as important a
humans need as food and shelter. All people and probably at all
times have a need to belong, be a part of something bigger. The
question is whether and to what extent this will be exploited.

It is with all of this in mind that I confesses to having contracted
what has been called the "Jewish Thing". The Jewish thing may in
fact be a Meme by itself or even a virus of the mind. The
interesting thing is though it involves now recognizing another
virus of the mind or viruses in Latitudarianism. It is the
depressing recognition of alienist Ideas and the extent to which
they have permeated our culture. There is simply no anecdote other
than to recognize its presence and to combat it as effectively as

Henry Ford said let it be a fair fight and on the battleground of
ideas in full view of all to see.


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